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Sweet lawn and Landscape Inc is the premier water feature and sprinkler system installation contractor in the Greeley and North Colorado area. We professionally design and install custom water features and irrigation systems.

Expert Water Features that Bring Beauty and Growth to Your Yard

Functional Irrigation and Beautiful Ponds

Let Sweet Lawn and Landscape Inc create stunning water features in your landscape. We are the Greeley and North Colorado irrigation experts. Whether you’re looking for a new, cutting edge, sprinkler system to automate your lawn watering schedule or a customer water feature to bring a sense of serenity to your landscape. Proper irrigation can make or break a landscape. Bad irrigation can cause flooding on your property during rain or storms. Flooding and pooling water can seep into your home or cause soil erosion and completely destroy your landscape. On the other hand, improper irrigation, such as not using sprinkler systems, can cause your lawn to die out during the hot summer months. Sweet Lawn and Landscape Inc are also the professionals in designing and installing customer water features such as unique waterfalls and backyard ponds.

Sprinkler System Install

We design and install custom sprinkler systems in Weld County and the surrounding Northern Colorado area. Cover 100% of your lawn with an automated system that triggers at specific times. Keep your lawn watered without having to worry about when to water.

Erosion Control

Compacted soil, improper drainage, and new construction can all attribute to soil erosion. Sweet Lawn and Landscape Inc can help mitigate soil erosion with proper drainage, straw swaddles, or washouts.


If water tends to pool in a certain area, you have a drainage problem. For this, we can install drains such as French drains in your yards or channel drains in hardscapes to divert water away from areas that are prone to flooding.

Ponds & Water Features

We pride ourselves on our custom and unique water features. We create stunning masterpieces that will surely draw attention and peacefulness to your landscape. We build anything from fountains and waterfalls to ponds and miniature streams.

Related Services

Lawn Care Services

Proper irrigation will help deliver the proper amount of nutrients to your grass’ roots, but the nutrients have to be there and the lawn needs to be properly maintained. Our full-service lawn care services will keep your grass healthy and maintained all season long.

Landscaping Design & Install

Sweet Lawn & Landscape Inc can design and build the landscape you’ve always dreamed of. A stunning landscape that’s complemented by beautiful hardscapes and water features will even bring your property value up.


The best places to enjoy your custom landscapes and water features are beautifully installed hardscape features such as patios and walkways that bring a place of living out to your landscape. Click the button below to learn more about our hardscape services.

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